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But what did we do exactly? Identity / Application Design / Stationery / Posters / Marketing Strategies

The Alertness Detection Software (ADS) by SRG protects road users even before something bad happens. By analyzing 524 points on the face in a non-invasive way, the software establishes the level of attention of the driver and provides a warning if necessary.

The ADS logo is engaging thanks to the representation of a tired eye and a clear and pure style. Also, the eye bag and the eyebrow add a dash of fantasy. Rather than relying on the typical alarming messages about road safety, the ADS logo and the other communications materials of the brand are all about discrete elegance. Many of the promotional images illustrate the facial analysis process, which puts the focus on the human aspect.

The ADS system watches over you and uses your mobile device to help you avoid the worst consequences of decreased alertness behind the wheel.