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But what did we do exactly? Identity / Web design / Web development / Marketing Strategies

A publically traded company, InterCore’s main objective is finding, funding and facilitating the emergence of new and innovative companies and the technologies they develop to help better the world, as we know it. The targeted innovations are those cutting edge ones based on the symbiotic interaction between man and machine. It is therefore imperative that the company’s website, it’s crown jewel in terms of interactive activity, be reflective in all manners of the company’s stance on the development of innovation.

With a sleek financial look to it, the website uses a vibrant color contrast to instantly draw the eye to its purported message. Cutting edge design flow replicates the changing of quotes on a stock display, offering an innovative way to depict the company’s intended message. The ascending lines in the background are meant to depict the targeted companies’ future growth in the stock market – with upwards being the only direction intended – such is the InterCore’s own logo.