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But what did we do exactly? Identity / Web design / Web development / Stationery / Marketing Strategies

There are certain companies that create change in our world. With its focus on progress and inventions like the road safety system ADS (Alertness Detection Software), Scientific Reform Group is part of a positive movement and has been contributing to the well-being of many people for 10 years.

The logo we've created is in line with SRG's philosophy, due to its inclusion of the infinity symbol, which represents the open-mindedness and the receptivity towards improvements to mankind just waiting to materialize. Also, the visual style of all of SRG's tools, including the website, exudes purity and flawless organization. The website, which is straightforward and very easy to use, has already won many prizes and international distinctions.

For SRG, technology and science are meant to serve and to better everyone's life. This is how we must create tomorrow's world.