About Us

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Phoenix the Creative Studio is a marketing agency that specializes in branding, interactive solutions and visual communication in all its forms. We don't change the world. We change perceptions. And perceptions form reality. So you could say we're actually changing the world after all. Imagine that.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission — and we definitely choose to accept it — is to make sure our clients receive the visibility they deserve, benefit from an increased notoriety for all the good reasons only (unless mischief is the name of their game) and see a HUMONGOUS rise in the amount of shekels coming their way.

    We're not afraid to think outside whatever is outside the box to find the marketing strategy that will make you go from hero to superhero. We are not tied to old, tired, cliché and overdone ideas. We stand out and we want you to stand out.

  • Our Experience

    For over 10 years, we have outdone ourselves in every project we have tackled, whether it consisted of graphic design, web development, marketing or going to the pub. Our new team of fresh and open young minds ensures that we will continue providing innovation to our clients. We are equipped and eager to bring you unconventional ideas and unexpected strategies to help you reach your goals in style.

    We are well aware that every communication is an opportunity to change people's perception of your product or your brand and to trigger a chain reaction that will transform or even transmogrify your position in the market. Think of what we do as performing a lifting on your brand. People will definitely notice!

  • Our Awards

    In the last few years, the creative crew at Phoenix has been lauded and acclaimed relentlessly, winning many national and international mentions, including Best Small Agency of 2015, 9 Sites of the Day on Awwwards, 8 Sites of the day on CSS Design Awards, 3 Sites of the Month, 3 FWA, and a lot more. We plan on making this kind of success a habit and we do what it takes to achieve just that.

    We do not clone magic geese nor pearl-bearing oysters, so please stop asking.

  • Our Services

    Our services include graphic design, branding, marketing strategies, photography, video production, advertising design, viral marketing campaigns, television advertising, promotional posters, online marketing, website creation, logo design, animation and print.

    If you are looking for a good serving of innovation, artistic flair and creativity to permeate your new marketing strategy, you have found the right people for the task at hand.